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Monday, 5 December 2011

Mathematics Year 3

Daily Lesson Plan
Subject                       : Mathematics
Class                           : 3 ( 6 pupils )
Date                            : 15.2.2011( Tuesday )
Time                            : 8.30-9.30a.m ( 1 hour )
Topic                           : Whole Numbers – Addition with the highest total of 10000
Learning objectives     : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able                                                          to:
(a)   Understand addition as combining two groups of objects.
(b)  Use and apply knowledge o addition in real life.
Learning outcomes     : 1. Add two numbers up to 4-digits with regrouping.
                                    2. Add three numbers up to 4-digits with regrouping.
                                    3. Solve problems involving addition in real life situations.
Prior knowledge          : 1. Pupils know how to add two number up to 4-digits without                                             regrouping.
                                    2. Pupils know how to write mathematical sentences in vertical                                    and horizontal form.                                      
Thinking skills             : 1. Generate idea                                  
                                    2. Logical mathematics
Moral values               : 1. Self-confidence
                                    2. Diligent
                                    3. Co-operate
                                    4. Carefulness
                                    5. Happiness
                                    6. Sensitivity
                                    7. Respect
Teaching aids              : 1. Ang Pow
                                    2. Number cards
                                    3. Boxes
                                    4. Handphone
                                    5. Stickers
                                    6. Activity sheets

Stage/ Time
Teaching Learning Activity
Induction Set
(±5 minutes)
1.    How are you feeling today?
2.    Have you taken your breakfast while recess?
3.    What did you have just now?
4.    Did you go back and do your revision?
5.    Let’s see if you did your revision well.
6.    Teacher shows ang pow and relates the ang pow with today’s topic.
1.    Pupils greet the teacher.
2.    Teacher greets the pupils.
3.    Teacher asks questions.
4.    Teacher relates the conversation to the today’s topic by showing ang pow.
5.    Pupils are asked to guess what actually inside the ang pow.
1.    Ang pow
2.    Number cards

Thinking skills:
1.    Generate idea
2.    Logical mathematical

Moral Value:
1.    Happiness
2.    Respect

Lesson Development

Step 1

(±15 minutes)
Addition of two number with regrouping.
 Teacher asks questions:
1. What is this?
2. Let’s see together what’s inside the ang pow.
1.    Each of the pupils are asked to take one ang pow.
2.    Pupils are asked to take out the number cards from the ang pow.
3.    Pupils paste the number cards on the white board.
4.    Teacher makes one question by using two number cards from the white board and put in vertical form.
5.    Teacher explains the mathematical concepts.
6.    1 pupil are asked to come out and formed a question by following teacher’s instruction.
7.    1 pupil are asked to answer the question.
1.    Ang pow
2.    Number cards

Thinking skills:
1.    Generate idea
2.    Logical mathematical

Moral Value:
1.    Carefulness
2.    Co-operate
3.    Self-confidence
Step 2
(±20 minutes )
Addition of three numbers with regrouping.
Song : ‘ If you are happy ’

1.    Pupils asked to make a circle.
2.    Teacher distributes three boxes with number card inside.
3.    Teacher explains how to play the game.
4.    Pupils pass the boxes around.
5.    Music will be played.
6.    Pupils stop passing the boxes around when the music stops.
7.    Pupils who are holding the boxes needed to take out one number cards from the box.
8.    Every pupil need to add up three number.
9.    The pupil who can add up the fastest and do it correctly will be rewarded with ‘stickers’.

1.    Three boxes
2.    Number cards
3.    Handphone
4.    Stikers

Thinking skills:
1.    Logical mathemathics

Moral Value:
1.    Sensitivity
2.    Co-operate
3.    Carefulness
Step 3
(±15 minutes )
Problem Solving Activity

eg: Ali has 3109 apples. Ah Meng has 2114 apples. How many apples do they have?
1.    Teacher distributes the worksheet.
2.    Teacher explains how to do the worksheet.
3.    Pupils divided into 3 groups.
4.    Pupils do the worksheet under the guidance of teacher.
5.    Discussion will be done after pupils have completed the worksheet.
1.    Worksheet

Thinking skills:
1.    Logical mathemathics

Moral Value:
1.    Carefulness
2.    Diligent
(±5 minutes )
Exercise at home
(refer: Mathematic Year 3: Activity Book )
1.    Pupils ask to do summary on what they have learn.
2.    Teacher access pupils with exercises.
3.    Teacher explains how to do the task.
4.    Pupils need to submit the task by tomorrow.
1.    Exercises from activity book

Thinking skills:
1.    Generate idea

Moral Value:
1.    Carefulness
2.    Diligent

Refleksi :
       So far, I didn’t use ICT yet for teaching lesson. It is because I think that touchable ABM will attract their attention as they can feel it. Just like the game with the song of ‘ If you are happy’. They really like this game as they can listen to the music while passing the boxes around. They complete with each other to get the correct answer in the faster time. This game actually can make a good competition environment for the pupils.
       For the problem solving exercise, group A and group B don’t have enough time to finish their exercise as they have more questions if compere with group C. so, in the coming lesson, I’ll try to lesson the questions for the group A and B so that they can finish on time and we can have discussion.

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